Skype Lessons

What will the drum lesson cover?

This is entirely up to you! I have a passion for 4 way coordination and world beats but can also teach more traditional curriculum such as rock school or trinity. I will be very much guided by what you would like to learn!

How do we set it up?

I normally have a 10-15 minute free of charge Skype chat with a potential student to get to know what their learning needs and goals are. I also ask for a very short clip of playing or attempting to play how/what they would like to learn and based on this I may suggest an individualised curriculum.

If you prefer to do this first step via an email this is also ok!

What do I need for a Skype drum lesson?

All you need is a drum set or a practice pad, laptop with good internet connection and decent camera.

How to pay?

£ 40.00 AN HOUR / £ 20.00 HALF AN HOUR


Once you have paid here, contact me so we can set up a day and time suitable for you. You can buy individual lessons. However, I recommend buying a block of at least 4 lessons to match your individualised curriculum. The frequency of lessons depends entirely on you!

Face to Face Lessons

If you prefer to meet face to face, I teach drum lessons in London (UK) from rehearsal studios. The process of setting up and paying is exactly the same.

£ 50.00 AN HOUR / £ 180.00 pack of 4 lessons


“Siemy is more than your average drum teacher. His method is unique and has helped me grasp polyrhythm and four-way coordination. He has an ease at explaining difficult concepts, and is able to teach about music ranging from Cuba to India. However, Siemy is even more than that. He seriously cares about his pupils, and will devote himself to their development as drummers and individuals. I am grateful to be a pupil of Siemy as he is a maestro in his field, and a true gentleman.”


“I was really lucky to find such an inspirational mentor and wonderful teacher. Siemy opened my eyes to a completely new way of thinking and helped me develop my technique and playing style by introducing me to a wide range of music and by blending so many different styles and adapting them into his teaching methods. To this day I don’t listen to music in the same way and this has had a remarkable effect on my drumming skills. I count myself very lucky to have been taught by Siemy and his masterful techniques, particularly with coordination and independence has made me a more complete musician. Thanks Siemy!”


“Siemy was my drumming teacher for close to 10 years and was a great investment! He always went above and beyond to teach me interesting and fun techniques and even helped me setup and prepare for my first gig! He is a lovely person and has a wealth of information to give to his students! If you are looking for someone who will take care of your drumming needs, look no further!”