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This course teaches you a method of practising that combines three different techniques into one practice: ‘3 INTO 1’ as I call it. For example, practising rudiments may be combined with applying foot techniques and coordination.

The idea behind practising different techniques together, not in isolation, is that it makes your practice more efficient, saves you time, and improves your drumming skills. This way of practising stimulates your brain, as I believe playing drums is more about exercising your brain than the muscles, so you are training your brain to deal with rhythmic tension, independence etc.

I also use more than one pad to recreate the idea of the whole drum set. The results on the kit are truly encouraging!


This course is for anyone who can already play the drums and wants to be more creative and able to use all the possibilities of the drum set. There are two levels of difficulty for each exercise: intermediate and advanced so you can move up and down the level depending on your practice.


  • Higher level of ambidexterity
  • Better balance
  • Better awareness of time and space
  • Better coordination
  • Improved improvisation skills

This new way of practising improves your ability to be more reactive and able to respond quicker and with more flair to anything that is ‘thrown’ at you. So, your improvisation skills will improve too.

The techniques combined together in each lesson include: rudiments, 4 way coordination, foot techniques, independence, interdependence, coordination, stick control, double bass drumming.

    Lesson 1 Question & Answer 2 exercises
    Lesson 2 Rudiments 5 exercises
    Lesson 3 Mirror Image 5 exercises
    Lesson 4 Limb Isolation 4 exercises
    Lesson 5 One handed stroke 3 exercises
    Lesson 6 independence 4 exercises
    Lesson 7 rudiments 2 pads 4 exercises
    Lesson 8 double stroke 3 exercises
    Lesson 9 rate 2 exercises
    Lesson 10 odd meters 3 exercises
    Lesson 11 weaker limb 3 exercises
    Lesson 12 feet workout 4 exercises
    Lesson 13 independence clave 3 exercises
    Lesson 14 clave 3 exercises

    Additional Info

    Each exercise comes with music notations on video and in pdf file attached.

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    • 47 videos
    • 200.00 MIN
    • 159.00
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    ADD Review

    “ I'm only 2 lessons into this course, but I'm finding the way Siemy approaches the drum set as a whole rather than individual drums to be enlightening. It's a little difficult for someone like me who has played for so long and learned the traditional way, but my progress shows that it's worth investing in this course to open your mind to a whole new world of drumming. Thank you. ”

    Tony Tervoert